Q.: Sweatmania is a Manufacturer?

A.: yes in textiles we produce and in Shoe we work as buyer office. We represent all your interests in order to achieve the best possible product, without surprises in productions, with maximum transparency and with the requirements that you want.



Q.: What Sweatmania control in the productions?

A.: We control all production process since prototypes until the final production. All materials and handmade process are controlled in each phase.



Q.: What are the payment terms?

A.: we ask for 30% advanced for new clients, other clients pay on receive with letter of credit or Bank transfer.



Q.: Sweatmania analyse each material and design specification?

A.: YES. We protect you against the materials stock of the factories, that often, try hide inside of the productions, as well as, the attempt to use a cheaper material but with the same look. We never allow it.



Q.: What products Sweatmania are involved?

A.: In direct way: Textiles,Shoes and leather goods.



Q.: In prototypes, Sweatmania charge development costs in new products?

A.: Yes. However Sweatmania helps you to receive back in the productions all development costs.



Q.: What is the minimum order quantity?

A.: Typically: - 50 units per colour and model in bag production - 50 pairs per colour and design in shoe production - 100 units per colour and design in clothing production


Q.: Can you make smaller orders?

A.: Yes. However Sweatmania  will not be responsable in any case for dissasorted items.


 Q.: Can Sweatmania send aproval samples?

A.: Yes. However Sweatmania  will not be responsable in any case if aproval samples are not sent in acordance with buyer.